Free streaming sites were around long before Netflix, HBO GO or Amazon Prime Video exists and even when this giants gained a lot of popularity around the world, many users and movies enthusiasts are still choosing sites like 123Movies as a primary option when it comes to watching movies and tv series online. Probably you wonder how it is possible for the movies sites to still have lots of visitors while Netflix boasts with the best productions and invests continuously loads of money in their shows and marketing. Well, the answer is pretty simple. This is happening because while this sharks compete who was the best shows exclusive on their platform, sites like 123Movies come and offer a bigger collection of movies and tv series for free in HD quality. The advantage of the streaming sites is their ability to publish every movie or show, no matter what network created that certain production.

0123Movies is an online streaming website created after the first 123Movies site was closed. We noticed an opportunity to fill the gap in this niche and we started to offer our visitors the best collections of movies and tv series in high quality. We are publishing everything for free, without any monthly subscriptions like other sites, because we believe that everyone deserves free entertainment regardless of his origin country, revenue or anything else. Many people from around the world can't afford to pay every month an amount of money in order to get access to a few movies or series and this is why our website is free to use and will remain free forever.

We tried hard to get rid of any annoying advertisement and we think we succeeded in a proportion of 99%. There are still a few ads that we can't control because our free streaming website depends on other third parties in order to provide you good quality movies and that's a little sacrifice we had to make to keep this site free of cost. However, our recommendation for you is to install and use any type of adblocker on the sites that may bother you with pops and ads. If you want to support a certain website, just turn off adblocker while browsing that site and activate it again on the websites with annoying ads. Another advice in terms of privacy and security is to use a VPN (Virtual Private Network) free or premium because that guarantees your online anonymity everywhere.

0123Movies's database contains thousands of movies and tv series so we are sure you can find your favorite content on our website. As we previously said, all the episodes and movies are free to watch, benefit of full HD quality and there is no need to create an account. Just browse through thousands of titles, choose what you like and watch it with just one click. If you already decided which one to watch, just search it by name using one of our searchboxes. If not, you can use one of the many filters available on the website such as release year, genres, actors, directors, networks, IMDb rating and many more that are waiting for you to discover them. Don't forget to leave us a comment or use the request page if your favorite shows can't be found in our collection and we will make sure to publish it as fast as possible. Also, it would be very helpful if you bookmark our website and even share it on your social networks to spread the word about the best online streaming site.